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[ooc: This was supposed to be posted last night but...I didn't get around to it. If it's okay with the mods and those involved with the Lux, Endrance would have snuck in while Michael was dead and Lucifer had gone out to look for him, etc.]

[Each character's communicator will flare to life with a middle C. Endrance is not tuning the piano but he is attempting to get a feel for it again before beginning, just a slow scale or two before he begins to sing.]

The Song

[(Not in the same octave or voice, of course.) When the song ends, the recording ends.]

[As before, voice replies will be treated as on-air, text replies will arrive as emails to Endrance.]
[There is a small pop over each character's hand-held computer followed by a sizzle of white noise before Endrance's soft, effeminate voice emerges from the speaker]

Some years ago...on this most remarkable of days, the gods deigned to bless us with a most precious gift. For that...I give thanks.

My angel, beloved of my life, my treasure, saviour, partner, lover...sweet Bast...Happy Birthday.

[There is a pause and a rustle of paper.]

"O living flame of love

That, burning, does assail
My inmost soul with tenderness untold,
Since thou dost freely move,
Deign to consume the veil
Which sunders this sweet converse that we hold.

O burn that never sears!

O wound of deep delight!
O gentle hand! O touch of love supernal
That quickens life for ever,
Puts all my woes to flight,
And, slaying, changes death to life eternal!

And O, ye lamps of fire,

In whose resplendent light
The deepest caverns where the senses meet,
Once steeped in darkest dire,
Blaze with new glories bright
And to the loved one give both light and heat!

How tender is the love

You awaken in my breast
When you, alone and secretly, are there!
Whispering of things above,
Most glorious and most blest,
How delicate the love thou mak'st me bear!"

[A few moments of silence followed by a tinny musical sound, as that of tiny chimes, the tinkle of crystals clacking together, or the jingle of little bells.

Transmission Ends.]

[OOC: Voice replies to this post will be broadcast as well. Text replies will arrive in Endrance's inbox like usual comments. Let's say he's still working out the bugs with the new network.]